Fact check on candidate campaign material

It has come to our attention that a candidate’s campaign material makes a statement which infers that Avon and Somerset Police and the PCC are giving consideration to not retaining a police station in Yeovil.

The correct position is that both the PCC and Chief Constable are committed to a suitable police station in Yeovil.

There is ongoing work to determine the best possible balance of location and cost for the station, given that the current station is in need of refurbishment and has spare capacity. The PCC and Chief Constable are committed to an efficient and effective solution for the local people in Yeovil and to meet the operational needs and budget constraints of the Constabulary. There is a duty to make careful and best use of public money which is why due care is being taken in these matters. It is expected that the newly elected PCC will become involved in these ongoing deliberations.