Candidate briefings

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has prepared a series of briefings for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates to provide an overview of the role and the current landscape. These will be updated as required on the run up to the election.

The PCC election will take place on 6 May 2021

Read the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Briefing for Candidates 

Read the budget, precept and MTFP Briefing for Candidates 

Read Avon and Somerset Police’s Tipping Point 

Read Avon and Somerset Police’s Uplift report 

Read Avon and Somerset Police’s Force Management Statement 2020

Read the Police and Crime Needs Assessment 2021

Read the APACE Police and Crime Commissioner Election Guidance

Read the APACE PCC Induction Briefing 2021

Read the South West Police Collaboration briefing

Read the Strategic Review of Policing 

Read the Avon and Somerset Diversity briefing

Read the PCC and Chief Constable Accountability Guidance 

Read the NPCC’s guidance on operating with international partners 

Read the Introduction to the National Crime Agency briefing 

Partnership and OPCC briefings:

Read the ICVA – Custody Visiting and PCCs – Briefings for Candidates 

Read the BANES Joint Community Safety Plan 

Read the South Gloucestershire Safer Community Delivery Plan 

Read the North Somerset Community Safety Performance and Plan 

Read the Bristol Community Safety Plan 

Read the Safer Somerset Plan

Read the ICV annual reports 

Read the OPCC services funding documents 

Read the Independent Residents Panel reports and feedback 

Read the Scrutiny of Police Powers Panel reports and feedback 

Find out more about Resolve and South West Reducing Reoffending

Find out more about Violence Reduction Units in Avon and Somerset 

Election Guidance:

Read the APCC PCC Candidate briefing 

Read the PCC Election Board Terms of Reference  

Read the Electoral Commission’s guidance 

Read the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s and Avon and Somerset Police’s Joint Protocol

Read the changes to the PCC election candidates nominations processes

Useful Links: 

Police and Crime Plan 2019 – 2021 

Medium Term Financial Covering Report/ Budget

Medium Term Financial Report/ Budget

Annual Reports

Policing Protocol 2011 

Policing and Crime Bill – Home Office Factsheet 

Committee on Standards in Public Life 

Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives 

OPCC Freedom of Information disclosure log 

Constabulary Freedom of Information disclosure log 

Custody  Visiting and PCCs

Candidate enquires: